Tonight I used both a sound file, to amplify the EVP and ambient sounds. Before starting I made a new sound file out of my own voice. First comes the EVP captured using a sound file.

EVP “I’ll try and help you”
EVP “They tell me this is the office”
My bedroom is sometimes referred to as my study or office
EVP “That’s Nicki”
EVP “This is the bedroom”
EVP “Live with both”
Possibly both methods of EVP capture

At this point I switch to recording with ambient – just white noise from Alexa. For the most part I was out of the room. I urge you to listen to the full recording so you can hear how noisy my ‘silence’ (with white noise on at a low level) is. Very difficult to capture individual EVP but the full recordings give you some idea. Both times I leave the room. On file #38 you will hear a very faint female voice about half way through – this is my voice coming from the kitchen as I talk to my team, so ignore that.

Both EVP above were received when I was out of the room. The first banging was so hard you can hear what sounds like metallic rattling (like something being disturbed by the thumps). I have a glass table next to my bed where any number of items could have caused that noise if the table had been thumped. I captured the second EVP just as banging but hearing it again it sounds like someone is saying ‘we want it’. Again, there was nothing in the room to account for the thumps.

EVP “Darling Nicki”

Again individual EVP were difficult to capture on file 39 so please listen to the full thing. There’s a strange pop – like a champagne cork – on the recording. Back soon with more voices from the afterlife


Nicola (Seeker)

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