Hello everyone. I’ve cheated a bit with the title of this post, as the EVP are from last night, 31st July! It was a good evening for receiving EVP – plenty of them received, but only a few surviving the cull to make it to the blog. I had some interference with some not very nice people as is evidenced by these first EVP:

EVP “A fucking lesson”
EVP “Who’s causing trouble?”

I often hear ‘focus’ when I’m getting EVP, but I think this was directed at the communicators rather than me because I also heard “Listen to her!”

EVP “Focus”‘
EVP “It’s Vincent”

Vincent is a regular communicator but doesn’t often introduce himself.

EVP “I will protect thee”

Very happy to receive the EVP above. The protection is needed against the guys that will do anything to interrupt communication – something I’ve been pretty much sheltered from after too many physical attacks while trying to sleep. :-/

Back soon


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. I agree very clear indeed!!!

  2. Ozzy can speak with Vincent?I think it’s very fun:-0

  3. Good job! I like i like it! Please continue recording more EVP

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