Our session seemed to pass quickly today. One of the subjects I brought up was the imminent arrival of an EMF meter. I thought it would make a change, and be fun, to have an interim session that I can video for this blog. Reference was made to that later on, but otherwise the audio was straightforward today.

Me “Hello there, this is Nicola speaking”
EVP “Hello”

(Better with headphones – not that clear)

EVP “Makes money”

The EVP above seems a bit random – I don’t know who or what was being spoken about. The EVP below is referring to the EMF meter I have coming. I explained a good use of such a thing was to break this blog up a bit, so evidence isn’t only audio-based. My previous video interaction was a year and more ago – see Spirit Light and YouTube Work Spirit Lights Spirit Phone Call and more EVP and Visual ITC – Spirit light video captured while asleep, though I did have a surprise video left on my phone, which you can see on my August 2021 post Paranormal Voice on Video . It has nothing to do with not believing my communicators are somewhere although I do wonder whether they are in the same room on the Earth plane as me (as I cannot see them however hard I try).

EVP “Why don’t you believe I’m here?”
EVP “Bye for now”

At the end of the hour I received this EVP. 🙂

I will be back soon with some more voices from the afterlife.


Nicola (Seeker)

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