He’s Gone to the Island EVP from Afterlife

Today I thought I would change the format a little to see whether my communicators are aware of global concerns, so I asked them a few questions. They were mostly focused on George Floyd , in fact this EVP was captured before I had asked the question.

“Police officer violent”
“He’s gone to the island”

Both need headphones. The second one seems to be being said in a West Indies accent.

“You’ll start to get happy”

The reason there is no preceding question to this EVP is because although I had asked for a repetition of the word happy earlier on, this was inserted in a random place! Here’s a simple introduction…

“This is Pat”
“It’s Jason”
Me:”If you could repeat after me please – happy”

Stay safe.

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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  1. Hi Nicola, yes I hear them, Very clear.
    The first one being very accurate to the murder of George Floyd,, I also believe they are watching the world’s current situations, as it effects the universal cosmos.
    I am working on a new set up at the moment, I’ll keep you posted.
    Take care, Lance

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