We had a couple of recording days that were a bit patchy, so I’ve not posted those EVP. The EVP on this page are from today, Thursday 16th September 2020. There is a definite theme and an answer to a question that had been playing on my mind for a while. First, a discussion about religion forbidding contact of this sort came up with a reader who I attempted to reassure in my usual verbose manner. Hopefully the first two EVP go some way to reassure in a way I cannot.

EVP “His service”
EVP “Embrace his soul”
EVP “Yes, meet our friend”
“What’s her name?”

The question I had been wondering about lately was whether we can use another way to capture audio EVP, the third and fourth seem to confirm that. Or at least they confirm my question has been heard 🙂

EVP “We will come”
EVP “Different way”
EVP “Different way”
EVP “They provide contact”


Nicola (Seeker)

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