“How do you ****** talk?” – “Press the button!” Afterlife EVP – Instructions from Beyond

I clean forgot to update the blog yesterday! Oops – here’s a few EVP from yesterday’s talk with the team.

“Bless you”

“Sounds good”

“Read ‘Something Worth Doing'” (or “Read – something worth doing”)

Not sure if this is a book recommendation, or a lifestyle recommendation. The subtitle of a book called ‘Something Worth Doing’ is ‘How to avoid frustration, get things done and ultimately find your life’s purpose’. šŸ˜€

“She assumes..”

This was said after I had said I would talk to my team in my prayers. As I didn’t catch the rest of it, I’m wondering if my connection with the team only happens when I ‘call’ them using a sound file, and they aren’t aware of my prayers at all. O.O

“Ave Maria – a potent song”

I play a lot of music – Ave Maria is one of my favourite hymns, however if I am to talk to the team, I avoid playing it for two reasons. First the team have stressed that I should play happy popular music before calling them. Second, the hymn is religious, and whilst prayer and praise is good, using a catholic prayer prior to talking across the veil may attract religious zealots that are still indoctrinated in their particular faith and are controlled by fear of hell and damnation. These people, as they did here, can try to intimidate with dire warnings. We need to keep communication clear, light and loving.

However, I may have been being a little too careful. I do love the hymn and it lifts me. I’ll reintroduce it to my playlist – all three versions!

It’s worth mentioning too, that when I originally received that message ‘potent’ was pronounced in what I assume is the Latin way – as it sounds when we say ‘omnipotent’. I pointed this out to the team. It is now pronounced in the English way – changed after I had played it for the first time. This happens sometimes. Clever old sticks!

“We’ve missed you”

“We love you”

“Yeh, but we missed you”

Not sure why the ‘yeh but’ is there!

And lastly here’s some communication among themselves as someone tries to figure out how to talk to me…

“How do the.. fuck you talk?”
“Press the button”

“I’m new at this”


Love to you all xx


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