Listening to Our EVP

Equipment to Hear

To hear our conversations, you may need external speakers or headphones. The EVP should be clear enough to hear using speakers, but if there’s doubt, switch to headphones. Internal speakers don’t do a very good job generally.

What You Will Hear

What you will hear (other than my English, female voice), will be male English accented voices. The EVP ends after their last word, sometimes abruptly, to prevent confusion when the message melds into the gibberish. Underlying the male voices and between words you may hear what sounds like cocktail party talk. This should be at a much lower volume, akin to whispering, but for some people it can make the EVP difficult to hear. Oftentimes you will hear not one but two or more voices speaking at the same time if you are listening to gibberish EVP through speakers, so it’s always best to use headphones 🎧 The EVP can then be heard as it was heard and captured by me.

You will hear messages from my spirit team to me, to people I know and to you, the listener – the world in general… and occasionally them speaking amongst themselves about technical issues. And sometimes you will hear other communicators, and the team scolding mischief makers.


Some of you, particularly Americans, may have trouble understanding the accents. My communicators speak extremely clearly, usually in unaccented English (which is an accent in itself and is commonly referred to as ‘posh’ in England). This can lead to confusion with certain words being pronounced not at all as other English speakers would pronounce them. Words are usually enunciated, and sometimes over-enunciated, to provide clarity to me, so you may not understand them. I always accompany the EVP with a written interpretation. Other accents include south-east England accents (London), which are apparent on almost every recording but is not the prevalent accent. Rarely, but still apparent, may be European accents and female voices.


This blog is not intended for children, and if it fits the context of my post, you may hear swearing or unkind remarks (not from the team). It is not my intention to frighten or offend another soul, but the communication sometimes gets interrupted by rascals who interject their silliness. Sometimes this will be posted.

How I Work

Typically a recording session will last two hours, with perhaps 3 minutes of that time given to recording EVP. I will start the recording session with a short preamble and finish it 30 seconds later with thanks. I have found if I record without talking on the recording I cannot show interaction, for example my communicators thanking me back. I also get some awesome EVP before I’ve even taken a breath to speak.

Once the recording has been stopped, I put my headphones on and start playback. Although the file is only about 45 seconds long it can take 20 minutes to listen and isolate EVP that stand alone. I don’t save half sentences that don’t have any context, complete words that seem out of place, most names that I don’t recognise and insults (a downside of using gibberish is it is such a good amplifier I hear a lot of stuff from other communicators). Any and all EVP, including those I don’t save gets repeated back to my team as I’m hearing them, this may prompt questions from me, which may or may not be answered on the next recording. This also lets them know what I’ve heard and what I’ve missed. I will comment on their pronunciation, volume and how it affects me if relevant. Sessions are filled with a lot of laughter – not everything is serious.

Each EVP I save is done to the best of my ability, given time constraints as I’m anxious to get back to the team. Experienced communicators generally do not need their messages slowing down, but I will change tempo if need be, same with amplification. Sometimes the end of the EVP may be cut off (explanation above) and sometimes I haven’t cut it down enough, leaving a bit of gibberish on the end. I don’t fiddle about with the EVP beyond the first capture as I’m trying to make our sessions as interactive as possible… like a phone call, albeit with a 20 minute pause from them while I work.

Then the whole process is repeated as soon as I’ve finished one file.
When we have finished for the day I will listen again to the EVP and select some for this blog. I usually receive between 30-50 EVP and perhaps a dozen or two will make it here.

Although gibberish is a marvellous method for collecting EVP I would say it’s for ITC practitioners that understand not all communication comes from the light and will have the courage to hear all communication. It’s a great amplifier.

Receiving Your Own EVP

“Should not everyone get this type of transcommunication in the form shown to you?”
No! It is not everyone’s way. Do not envy those who walk this way, for it is long and full of thorns. Many of you would quickly want to get off it….” From Spirit Yang-Fudse (Timestream to Station Luxembourg) See Macy’s Afterlife

When I started on my ITC journey in February 2016 I was so excited I had a page dedicated to receiving EVP using the method I have adapted from Sonia Rinaldi of . There are full instructions on other sites if you care to look, but you won’t find them on my site anymore. The reason I have removed them is because I don’t want the responsibility of giving information to people without warnings and I don’t want to have to fill my site with warnings when what ITC can be, to understate it, is a miraculous gift. So to keep this short, please read the italicised warning above (from spirit, not me), and use the contact link to speak to me so that we can discuss the possible pitfalls that, as far as I know, are not mentioned elsewhere. Yes, ITC is a wonderful, wonderful gift, but the road really is full of thorns.