I’ve had an uncomfortable few days ITC wise. I recorded on Monday and then again today as planned, but in between I became quite angry at something I thought was said on Monday. So when I started to record today I was dreading what I was going to receive. I need not have worried, it was kind of business as usual and I’ve calmed down a lot. Over time I have learned to pace myself with an upper time limit on communication, and to verbalise worries I have and project them out. It’s no good me having the hump and hoping they will read my mind. They will not if it is not projected – I believe anyway. This uncomfortable few days reminds me of a quote received by a European ITC experimenter at the end of the last century … when questioned “Should not everyone get this type of transcommunication in the form shown to you?” the reply from the other side was “No! It is not everyone’s way. Do not envy those who walk this way, for it is long and full of thorns. Many of you would quickly want to get off it” . See ‘How to listen to our EVP‘ for more information.

First is Monday’s session and we start with file 4189. The EVP with my voice, second down, is a good example of on time and in context EVP. I was having to think hard to remember what day we were on, counting days. And the last one on that file is a good example of echoing EVP. I don’t know what to make of the one accusing me of eating his children. Please let me know if you can hear something other than “you ate my children“. If that’s what it said I have to assume that’s somebody being silly.

There is only file 4190 left to discuss for Monday’s session. I’m not too sure about the “silly Patrick“ EVP, but Patrick is one of my nicknames from their side.

EVP:”I’m still Tish”
EVP:”You keep counting days!”
Me:”….. Monday – I had to think about that”
EVP:”Seems quite a character”
EVP:”You ate my children”
EVP:”You learn each one”
EVP:”It’s an issue”
EVP:”That childhood innocence”
Me:”Thank you very much everybody, I’ll listen back to that”
EVP:”(of course) Of course”
“Silly Patrick”
EVP:”Thank you”

We now arrive at EVP for today, Wednesday 29th July.

“Taken phone call”
“We need you to work that out”
EVP:”We hastened.. conferred (confirmed?)
“That childhood”
Me:”Thank you very much I’ll listen back to that”
EVP:”Closing down”

As I heard the EVP above, I felt dismay. Had they now gone? It had already been a good 20 minutes since that had been said as I had been working to pick up the EVP on the file. So when I listened back to the next one, 4194, I was delighted to hear somebody say “stay for coffee“, Followed by a triumphant “you have to trump that!”. I have a feeling that the coffee EVP is going to lodge on the file so it is just as well I’m going to change it soon. We also have an EVP proclaiming something evidence-based which ‘shouldn’t need to be tested’. Last EVP for 4194 is in context telling me to ‘listen slow’ and hoping I ‘work it out’. I’ve included a name (Melanie) because it’s clear and not a run of the mill name. I’m Nic.

EVP:”Stay for coffee!!”
Me:”Hello there, thank you very much for your communication, I’m listening”
EVP:”You have to trump that!”
“Mission – the dead”
EVP:”That evidence-based”
EVP:”Should not need to test”
EVP:”The tropics”
EVP:”I need to stop”
Me:”I will listen back to that”
EVP:”Listen slow – hope you figure it out”

So amongst others we have an EVP remarking ‘tea and croissants’ – I’ve lately got into the bad habit of having chocolate croissants for breakfast. The last EVP is all too familiar to a lot of ITC practitioners – a request for help. We cannot.

EVP:”You call me”
EVP:”Big announcement”
EVP:”Some tea and croissants”
EVP:”Please help them”

On file 4195 we got the EVP “You call me”. I ask at the beginning of 4196 who I had called. The answer seems to be ‘the boats’ which is how my communicators seem to be favouring their mode of transport to come to me. Yes, I know it sounds odd, read the recent history behind this remark on Afterlife Tussles . At the bottom you will see mention of Seth, who was a cat I had years ago. Here’s another recent (June) mention of him on The world is connected post.

EVP:”I’m praying for Jim(him?)”
EVP:”Think of things”
EVP:”Boats you called”
EVP:”Chat to me”
EVP:”The cat called Seth”

Almost done for the day and I received what sounds like a smug ‘we found you’ – so it’s just as well I was finishing. The power tools EVP could have been about some DIY a friend is helping with, and again I’m being nagged to drink (I was parched!). My hydration levels are mentioned regularly! See the cheeky Am I Bothered? post. Last one is a good example of an intelligent response.

EVP:”We found you!”
EVP:”It’s a cheap phone call”
EVP:”Get out the power tools”
“Need some drink”
Me:”I’ll listen back to that”
EVP:”Mind games”


Nicola (Seeker)

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