Unfortunately today’s EVP was marred with interruptions from another group. The team sounded far away today, with their voices faint, however I was warned we would have interruptions, and we did. Here are a few EVP from today, the first message was received in the first few minutes and mentions the interruptions –

You have some interruptions

Big contender

I’m not sure what or who this is referring to.

“It isn’t that way”

Not sure what this was referring to either.

I love you“/”Oggy loves you

If that’s the latter, Oggy is lead technical team member.

To fucking confuse them

Almost certainly said by one of the mischief makers. I’m not sure why these scallywags prefer to spend some time trying to mess up communication when we are aware they’re there and could be doing literally anything else.

I love you

Said very quickly. A different voice from the other saying the same thing.

We love you too

Said on the last recording of the evening which is how the team nearly always ‘sign off’

Just a few there from our two hour chat. I hope they are useful to you. 🙂

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