The Grieving Mom Sharon is an ITC researcher from the United States whose own journey exploring after death communication came about after she received a message on her answerphone from her son, who had passed nine months earlier.

Lance ITC Lance is a colleague in Wales. He gathers both audio and visual evidence of the afterlife.

Mark Macy

Macy Afterlife

Mark Macy, prominent author and founder of INIT in the 1990s explains everything you need to know about the origins of ITC along with interesting discussions on his blog.

Also offering an archive at 

World ITC Visual and audio ITC from the 1990s along with a wealth of information about ITC pioneers.

And discussions about humans’ noble vs savage side while here on Earth at

Foreign Language ITC Sites

FGT – Hans Otto König A German ITC researcher working with both audio and visual equipment with fantastic results Portugese language website of Sonia Rinaldi, audio ITC researcher and pioneer of the sound file method.

Free Software for ITC Research

Audacity Audio Software Free software. I use this to record and listen back to the recordings.

Videopad Video Software. This is free software