Instrumental TransCommunication goes back to the very start of man’s invention of communication ‘gadgets’.


Reported uses include that of the Vatican from 1952 onwards following receipt of EVP on a recording of Gregorian chants. Even earlier than that, Thomas Edison was rumoured to be creating a ‘telephone to the dead’. The ‘father’ of ITC, Friedrich Jurgenson was active in the field from the late 1950s after finding the voice of his deceased mother on one of his recordings of birdsong. One of his proteges was Konstantin Raudive who recorded over 72000 EVP voices which he presented to a publishing house to persuade them to publish his book ‘Breakthrough’ (which they duly did).


In 1979 a device known as the Spiricom was developed by George Meek and Bill O’Neill which was used by Bill to talk to Dr. Mueller, a deceased NASA scientist. Over 20 hours of conversations were recorded.

In the 1980s and 1990s many people were experimenting with ITC methods resulting in still pictures, videos, sounds, telephone conversations and even faxes. As far as I know this is the first time that people here connected to stations ‘there’. The most frequently used station is known as Timestream or Rio do Tempo. Some of the ITC research groups that were getting the most stunning results formed INIT, which was an international body of ITC researchers. Arguably the ‘best’ evidence was received by a couple in Luxembourg going by the name of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, however telephone calls (including from the now deceased Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive) were received and recorded by multiple people. In Germany Klaus Schreiber was receiving images of people by use of a method called a video feedback loop, as was Adolf Homes. Hans Otto Konig received video, with sound, of a deceased German man. Over time, the communication broke down causing a most distressing loss of contact.

Marcello Bacci received what is known as Direct Radio Voice (DRV) over in Italy. Marcello regularly held large meetings using only his vacuum tube radio, to reunite the expectant families and their ‘lost’ loved ones.


Dr. Anabela Cardoso, a Portugese career diplomat is in receipt of DRVs and Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil regularly puts distressed families in touch with their ‘lost’ loved ones by telephone using a method that she has disseminated to those in the USA who in turn shared it with others.
Please enjoy these videos from the 1990s

Hans Otto Koenig received this video containing both audio and visual of a male soul talking about his time on Earth.

This video was received by researchers in Luxembourg and is of Hanna Buschbeck, the late EVP researcher.