There may be a slight lull in the blog – at least with the number of EVP posted. I’m anxious to try other methods of receiving communication, so while I’m experimenting there might be less to listen to. At the end of yesterday’s recording session I tried a method that never works well for me – ambient or transfer EVP. Basically silence with natural background noise, (in this case white noise from a radio) . Whenever I do this the silence sounds like a crowd burbling with the occasional raised voice, that’s what I received yesterday. šŸ˜®

Here are a few EVP captured yesterday using the computer method, Thursday 17th September 2020. Eccles is a town 125 miles from me.

EVP : “He’s from Eccles”

A reader received some worrying EVP where his contact with his family was interrupted by a threatening male. I have tried to reassure him, these are only people, they’re not angry demons or however else they try to present themselves. Unfortunately it’s par for the course with ITC. Nobody is immune. Even in the 1990s with the miraculous communication between members of INIT and Timestream, they had to have code words for the light communicators as the opponents soon learned how to use the same methods of communication as Timestream (phone, and in those days – fax, and computer). “It’s only people” echoes what I said (which after all, came from my team a couple of years ago).

EVP “It’s only people”
EVP “We’re constant friends – you need guides.”

The file above (with no captured EVP) is the result of the last recorded session using only white noise. Not very successful šŸ™‚

We will be back soon with more voices from the unseen.

Nicola (Seeker)

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