Hello everybody – we’ve been working hard over the last few days and I’ve got a selection of EVP for you to listen to. First is a few from the 22nd of this month. I was having a terrible time getting through – I could hear them (though their speech was garbled and probably not meant for me), but they couldn’t hear me – as their EVP “can’t find her data!” shows..

EVP “No worries Nicki”
EVP “Thank you Nic”
EVP “Can’t find her data!”

Onto the 24th and there are two EVP showing intelligent response to a question. They didn’t answer my last question just said ‘don’t be cheeky’ – which I will take as a ‘no’. This is not a serious reprimand but a joke – we do not lose our sense of humour when we cross over!

EVP “That was easy”
Me “Are you aware of any EVP that I am receiving from an unreliable source please? I am listening”
EVP “Yes”
Me “Can you tell me whether there are any non-human entities working at Central for this communication? This is Nicola talking to Central, I’m listening”
EVP “Don’t be cheeky”

Now onto today and a couple of messages of love and an answer to a whimsical question!

EVP “Nicki I love you”
Me “Once you’re in the astral form can you still smell things please?”
EVP “Yes”
EVP “I love you Nicki”

We will be back soon with more voices from the afterlife!


Nicola (Seeker)

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