It’s been far too long (again) between posts! Quite a few EVP caught when my spirit team were chatting amongst themselves, a few hellos and a mention of the ongoing Jubilee celebrations.

Me: “Can you hear me please? I’m listening”
EVP “Hi”
EVP “It’s Daniel”
EVP “Thanks – beautiful”
Me: “Hello there, this is Nicola – I’m listening”
EVP “Hello”
EVP “People – our concern – love you”

Lovely message above confirming that they still care once they pass from this plane. And below, one of my regular communicators who has been quiet for a long time!

EVP “It’s Tony”
EVP “That’s fine
EVP “Jubilee”
EVP “People hear us!”

Hope to be back with you very soon with more voices from the afterlife!


Nicola (Seeker)

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