It’s been a while since I last posted. We’ve been working hard but not much was clear, so this is a small collection of EVP from June. We’ve met with a lot of resistance – Bertie is a rival – and there’s an obscenity further down the page. I’ve posted questions if they’re relevant to the EVP received following the question.

EVP “Bertie”

“Who was pulling at my bed covers last night?”

EVP “We know you have missed us”
EVP “Bertie can control this”

“Are we prepared to do visual ITC yet?”

EVP “To say thank you”

“Would Reiki be useful to sever spiritual attachments to me?”

EVP “Severance – that’s audacious”
EVP “This is Central”
EVP “She is a cunt”

“I understand you’re down here with me Central, can you see the rivals?”

EVP “They’re feeders”

“Are the rivals attachments to me?”

EVP “Relax”
EVP “Welcome”

That’s it for now. Back soon with more paranormal voices!



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