This week has been busy with ITC. We’ve been in touch every day, but I’ve still had problems where I’ve been thinking nobody can hear me and been fretting about it. However I got this EVP early on in the week, so I’ve changed format back to just ‘listening’. I’ve also created a new gibberish file for our use. As a result communication is clearer and I’m attracting the attention of someone who appears to be conducting the communication. The download buttons are for the whole file, but you can play the EVP from this page..

“Just listen”
“Colleen, this is the phone if you want”
“Nic, I’ll never forget”
“The best thing is when your voice isn’t affected”

I love it when I get EVP like this. Whatever they’re using that side they still call it a phone, though they do have to draw people’s attention to it. I love the comment enthusing about how good it is when their ‘voice’ isn’t affected.

Me:”I’ll listen back to that”
“That’s cool”
“The ones here form a lodge”

That’s a lovely EVP to end on. I think the person saying this is the person overseeing ITC this week. We will be back with more EVP soon. Don’t hesitate to get in contact though.

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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