Dr. Konstantin Raudive was a Latvian writer, psychologist and philosopher, at one point studying under Carl Jung. After accruing over 72,000 EVP, he had his book ‘Breakthrough’ published in 1971. (This can still be purchased, click here: Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead)

In the first part of the 1960s, Raudive discovered Friedrich Jürgenson’s books. Though sceptical he asked to be present at a recording and became convinced that the voices were real, making his own recordings from 1965 till his death.

Dr. Raudive now helps facilitate a connection between Sonia Rinaldi, a Portuguese speaking lady, and the bereaved on both sides of the veil.

There are videos all over the internet of Dr. Raudive’s audio communications. Here are a couple of them.

A phone call placed in German by Konstantin Raudive to Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fishbach in Luxembourg…..

And three phone calls received in 1994 (20 years after Dr. Raudive’s death) by Sarah Estep, George Meek and Mark Macy from Dr. Raudive. This time in English….