I’ve had a long break from publishing on this blog due to illnesses and upheaval. I received a timely reminder how important it is to keep letting their voices be heard which I have published below.

But first – I switched the sound file and made a new one which, in its raw form, is me reciting love poetry for those that are already in the light. Here’s a sample of the gibberish that they work with to generate their EVP.

And here are a handful of EVP from tonight’s communication.. first the timely reminder to publish our EVP.

“Got to have notes”

Some EVP are standalone and need no explanation, or seem like random interjections – like this one.

“He is the voice”

“Pray for Douglas”

Douglas is a friend of mine.

“She hears great with voice”

Gibberish is their chosen method to be heard by me. I can use ambient sounds, but the gibberish is a booster for me.

“Saint Maria”

“You gotta help me”

My desire to communicate was very strong tonight so this attracted not just my team but anyone around that wanted help. It’s been a while since I’ve received a message like this.

“Cos you’re face to face”

“It’s a lovely couple”

“Nic focus”

I found my thoughts drifting away a few times. This was a reminder.

“God bless you”

“I have nothing to say”

😀 Ooookkkkk..

“He has not agreed to help us”

“Surround myself in this”

“I love you Nicki”

What a beautiful way to end our ITC session.

Next year is so full of hope and love for us. We will speak to you in 2018.

Love to you all from us all xx

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