Bit of a strange recording session today. The three EVP on this page are from the very first recording of the day, after that nothing clear enough for this blog. I adopted a very timid cat a week or so ago, and he hasn’t come out from under the bed (where I do my recordings) other than to use his litter. Apparently this affects the recordings – I suppose it would if he’s stressed.

First EVP was a bit rude (doubt it was from my team at Central).

EVP “Your fucking (cat/hat?)

I’d heard this as hat first of all (I was wearing one at that time), but later realised it could have been ‘cat’.

EVP “Good politics”
EVP “Learning language”

I had signed up for Latin a week ago – good catch! Be back soon with more voices from the other side.


Nicola (Seeker)

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