I tried another evening session last night and was pleased with the results. Some of the vowels are flattening (mostly on EVP I have not included) but other than that they’re clear. Have a listen… (headphones might be needed with some).

EVP “I’d better go”
EVP “Returning”
EVP “Here’s/He is our chief”
EVP “A beautiful mind”
EVP “The phone calls”
EVP “Wales is special”
EVP “We are the flesh”
EVP “Better crack on”
EVP “Let’s touch the world”
EVP “Ozzy”

(Ozzy is my cat)

EVP “Hear our praying”
EVP “Don’t!”
“It’ll suck in””
“Put it back”

EVP “Royston”
EVP “Helped us by ringing”
EVP “It’s truth”


Nicola (Seeker)

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