I had a very short ITC session yesterday, but I could hardly hear anything, and nor could they by all accounts. So I started afresh today hoping things would have improved and it seems they have. Not brilliant but some EVP were really thrilling for me to get (not so much for you I’m sure, but I’ll explain). First, the download buttons are for the entire file – the playable bits on this page are the EVP I have picked out, slowed down and cleaned up a bit. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of all EVP received.

Me:”Please repeat after me…. happy!”
Me:”I just want to make sure you can hear me, this is why I’m asking these questions”
Overlaying “Can’t hear you” – “I can’t hear you”

So at this point in the proceedings they couldn’t hear me either. The EVP is inserted into my speech so will be quite difficult to hear. The second “I can’t hear you” is a bit more obvious, and right at the end but said quickly. And.. below we hear from Michael. Whether this is ‘my’ Michael (a communicator from my original team) or not I don’t know yet. Michael also makes an ‘appearance’ later on (further down the page).

Me:”Are you available to communicate.. ie. can you hear me, if so please say I’m here?!!!”

Here I am still worrying that my communicators cannot hear me at all. So the EVP above I think refers to a somewhat patchy signal but available in ‘intervals’. The EVP below confirms they can hear. At least sometimes. 😉

“We can hear you”
“It’s hard to just trust this”

The EVP above is showing understanding that audio ITC alone still leaves room for doubt. Even though I receive impossible communication and have done for years, and had numerous ‘paranormal’ experiences with lights, sounds, music playing unbidden and have astral travelled (wow, just wow), I am fiercely logical and really need at least two out of the three to feel comfortable and quite literally, happy. The position I am in at the moment is audio ITC seems to be recovering and taking off again and there have been a few strange and unexpected sounds – so hopefully the paranormal activity is taking off again. Yay! This is all very friendly and is a reminder they are there. I have had some poltergeist activity which was NOT from the light and it wasn’t from me either (popular theory is that poltergeist activity is the product of a hormonal (usually female) person). The poltergeist activity wasn’t malicious as such, but mischief. Things would disappear. Forever. Really. And my team of the time confirmed that I had had poltergeist activity (their words). But that’s another story.

So below you will see a picture of a note I had written in desperation after hearing ‘we can’t hear you’ and not getting responses to my questions early on (and yesterday). I thought that perhaps they could see me (it seems sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t – I suppose it depends upon where they are). Below that is a 38 second clip – mostly of me talking which also puts this in context. I was holding another note at this point, this one was lying next to me and it’s this one I got a response to.

Me:”… see me… as well as hear me, which I understand you can in intervals so this is another reason for writing it down. So I’ve written something down on a piece of paper and another question and it would be great if you could answer that. So instead of doing the format, the question format, I will give you 30 seconds, okay? So ummm your 30 seconds start now”
(long pause)
“Yes, we can hear you”

Okay this next EVP won’t mean much to you – it’s only a two syllable word and it was said at such breakneck speed I had to really slow it down, and it’s still fast. The reason it is important is it is usually said by guardians/overseers and for Hans Otto Koenig it precedes a lot of his messages! The last time I got a ‘listen’ (and it was only once in more than 4000 recordings and perhaps 40,000 EVP) was at the end of 2017, so I’m thrilled to get this two syllable word. Below the EVP is a picture of Mr Koenig’s book which is entitled ‘listen’.


Bless him, here’s Michael again. That’s it for today. Will be back soon with more communication from the light.


Nicola (Seeker)

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