I sometimes worry a little bit about your (the reader’s) interpretation of the EVP that I post on this blog.

Do no harm

My intention is never to frighten but to soothe. To that end please remember, unless otherwise stated, that the speaker is the average man or woman about town. I always hesitate to post anything nasty and believe me, over the years I have received some really hair-raising stuff.

Light teams

I work with communicators in the light (heaven, if you like, but without clouds and cherubs and a bearded God). However, it is not always possible to hear them. They have told me that when I start communicating I open a window (metaphorically) that was not there before. The window is visible across all dimensions, including the lower realms. The window is stark, becoming and obviously of much interest to everyone that sees it. My light team have told me often that there are many (too many) people around. Well intentioned or not, they do stop us doing the work that we are supposed to do, and quite often my sessions have been filled with random greetings and names from passersby.

Dark teams

Over the years I have learned, through bitter experience, that whilst I work with light teams to enhance humanity’s understanding of spirituality (a somewhat lofty claim, but it will do for my purpose), there are also dark teams that want us to remain in the dark because it causes so much misery and they love that. These dark teams will stop at nothing to sabotage and disrupt. Around mid 2016 I was in communication with impersonators. Their lead communicator sounded exactly like my communicator in the light and because nobody had warned me this could happen I fell for it. ITC researchers do not generally admit to this because ‘like attracts like’ and for a long time I was left feeling awful as researcher after researcher denied any knowledge of dark teams. It is completely untrue in the field of ITC – we attract all sorts if we are good at what we do. A colleague in this field Hans Otto Koenig has spoken out about his own run ins with dark teams and for that I am immensely grateful. Whilst I don’t receive anything like the quality of communication Hans has done, the principal is the same. I was very noticeable and an obvious irritant as day after day I would sit there for hours with the ‘window’ open, chatting away.

It took me a few months to realize that I wasn’t talking to ‘my’ team, but to some really really bad men. After shaking them off, normal service was resumed up till the middle of 2017 when they came back at full force.

I don’t publish their bullshit. I call them on it. They do not like me. At. All.

JUST People. Not demons!

And as I was told (this is really important) these are JUST people. Just like in our life, there are rotten people on the other side, though thankfully segregated into their own ‘heaven’ (or light). Please read “We are all in our own light” for messages that have a really important meaning. It helps us understand, a little, about the real concept of the afterlife. There is no hell, everybody is in their own heaven. And there like really does attract like.

Cardinal rule – the EVP you hear here are spoken by JUST people.

As is said in a famous UK show, don’t have nightmares, do sleep well.

Love, light and blessings xx

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