After battling with embedded EVP on my female file we used male gibberish tonight (file 4514 onwards). I had recorded it off YouTube where the wonderful, though anti-creationist and therefore thoroughly wrong, Chris Hitchens was being interviewed. If only he knew what his voice would be used for. >:-) I received a couple of names – Richard and Steven I think are team communicators – Dave comes up regularly, but not in the way it did tonight (with surnames I don’t recognise). First Vienna is mentioned again..

EVP “Stay in Vienna”
EVP “You can listen”
EVP “It’s Richard here”
EVP “Steven”
EVP “Dave Drewitt/drew it”
EVP “Be right by you”
EVP “Investigate Schrader”
EVP “We made her listen”

During the recording of the next file, I thought I would try something different to keep my mind clear and quiet – I did however have the opposite affect! I repeated the mantra “Listen, hush, listen” (in my head) and got this amusing response… and as I heard it I certainly did smile (“Made her smile”).

EVP “Listening .. courtesy … we’re listening…. hello!”
EVP “This is me”
EVP “Made her smile”
EVP “Dave Noble”
EVP “Make noise”
EVP “We love you”
EVP “Richard”
EVP “Nicki”
EVP “Let him go”
EVP “Hear me.. Nic”
EVP “We love you”
EVP “Lovely lady”
EVP “They thank you”

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