May 2020 EVP from the afterlife

It’s been a productive month for the blog. I’ve created a couple of posts gathering my favourite EVP from 2016, EVP from 2017 and EVP from 2018 and 2019.

There are fewer fresh EVP because I’ve been strict about my communicators answering questions rather than letting them have free rein. The reasons for this are varied, but mostly I am trying to reach light teams rather than those gathered around me to communicate. Once I have made my intentions clear the EVP clear up (or I stop hearing them as I’m searching for answers to my questions).

These aren’t earth shattering questions, but the ‘regular’ back to basics questions searching for an intelligent response (to check they can hear), but the instructions are always the same – only light workers to answer. Here are a couple of EVP picked up over the last week. I apologise for the quality, and perhaps you will need headphones. I’ve not got the full recording for this next one, sorry. Here’s the EVP..

“I love it”

Despite straining to hear only the answers to my questions this one slipped through. Here’s the full recording for the next snippet, so you can hear what we are working with..

“We’ll say the names – the ones that are staying here”

Another one not answering questions slipped through. So I took this EVP as meaning I would get a few names, perhaps from light workers. Unfortunately I didn’t. šŸ™ At last, on the same recording I got this intelligent response..

“Please repeat after me ‘happy'”
“We’re happy”

And broken down..

“Please say ‘i’m here'”
“Your bedoom”

Even though I altered tempo on that EVP I thought I would break it down further – please use headphones as soft syallables can get lost.

“Your bedroom”

That’s all for May 2020. A spring which has seen some of the best weather on record in the UK, all during lockdown. Love, light and blessings to you

Nicola (Seeker)

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