Message from the Afterlife ‘Be thankful’ EVP

It was nice to be back in touch after a weekend’s break. It was quite busy today particularly with names. Michael did make an appearance but only once today. The top EVP is technical discussions about the communication. The download buttons can be ignored unless you want to listen to the EVP unedited and in situ.

“Alright – she doesn’t need more speech”
“Mustn’t leave them there unless she is..”
“My mind’s rhythm”
“Be thankful”
“And then what Nicki?”
“The elation..”
“Lee” (or leave)
“It’s Dave/Tony”
“The team missed you”
“All British”

By 4129 I’d decided I would make another gibberish file as there were a lot of powerful EVP embedded on the one I was using today. I made another gibberish file and ran it to test it. The comment above is an EVP recovered from my test run.
We’ll be back with more EVP from the light soon.

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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  1. Greetings from Nowa Ruda, dear Miss Nicola

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