It’s been a week of ups and downs earthside for me, so I had to wait a week to talk to the team. Here are a few EVP from today’s chat.

“We need to build up the light”

“We love you” x 3

“My name is.. my name is Peter”

Often with EVP, echoes of the sentence appear before the sentence does, hence the repetition of ‘my name is’ in this case.

“Looks so cross”

For non-English natives, ‘cross’ isn’t something I hear used outside of the UK (could be wrong). This is an emotion somewhere between irritable and angry. Annoyed probably fits best. Not sure if that was about me! I didn’t feel cross!

“Mocking.. but they have to prove it”

I didn’t hear context here. Perhaps this is a general statement about sceptics and their theories about EVP or the afterlife?

“They’ll be happy to see you”

“It’s been lovely”

As we were getting ready to end communication.

“Same old news”

I asked for a message for a colleague of mine.

“We have to go too – we love you”

Said at the end of our communication.

“Arthur loves you”

I hear this fairly often – a team member’s name, I suspect said in the third person by the team member himself.

Love to all!


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  1. Hi Nicola, very good EVP’s, I really enjoyed the communication session, thanks for sharing.

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