Method Changes and DRV

I have changed my method of capture slightly – getting all my questions out of the way at the beginning, and giving them a full two minutes to answer whatever they want to answer. I know they were getting impatient and recently have been telling me not to talk too much.

“It’s faster – we’ve been impatient”

“You mustn’t – that’s not for you”

I had been running a radio on white noise for an hour or two before I started this recording session. I believe this is referring to DRV.


Just recently I have been receiving names, sometimes, but not always, said using the team’s voices.

“It’s Nathan Jones”


“I belong to Nancy Fretzel”

This is said in my lead communicator’s voice. I don’t think he would have said that, so someone was borrowing his voice. I noticed this last year when I had children, identifiable by their vocabulary and behaviour, talking on our recordings.

Love and accept



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