Michael Calling from Heaven – Afterlife Communication EVP

Just a few EVP from today – Michael was around as you can hear. This may or may not be Michael who was brought to help my original team in 2017. I’ve heard the name dropped in ever since, but not so frequently, so perhaps Michael (new or old) will be a team member. The download button gives the whole recording so can safely be ignored if you’re just here to listen to the EVP I’ve selected.

Me:”Thank you very much I will listen back to that”
“You should thank ..”

I love the last one. I’ve said to them recently that I miss the ‘thank you’s and love from my original team so the thank yous have been a lot more frequent recently.


Michael is mentioned again here (different voice). I hope you enjoyed listening. Any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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  1. don’t forget to visit me when I’m home, you’ll find me after ID: Tomek from Nowa Ruda

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