Microphone EVP – Afterlife Communication – Paranormal Voices

Another long pause – sorry. ITC research is still going on, but the blog posts are becoming less frequent as I adjust. These EVP were captured today.

The acoustics have changed quite significantly since the last time I posted. I am now in a different room, I use a different sound file (changed again), and I’m using a microphone.

Some of the communication is a little reedy, but some quite strong.

The sound file I used was a file made from chopped up phonemes of my voice. The following EVP features genderless, female, child and the occasional male voice.

I had a mixture of communicators. One cluster of not-very-nice people who had me fooled

“Don’t take notice of what they’re saying”

“I hear you have been intrepid”

At least I hope that’s what it says rather than ‘in trouble’.

“You’ve turned around this place”

After a fair bit of thought I decided where I wanted my ITC ‘corner’ which was previously overrun with boxes.



“It’s crashing with thoughts – there’s thoughts you should(n’t)”

That didn’t sound good!

“This is is the ocean”

I live by the sea.

“We fought through these games”

We have had some spirit-side menaces interfering lately. This is one of our team.

“You shouldn’t really speak”

“Here are the messengers” 

(Male voice)


“It’s got compassion”


I think workers that are not direct team members refer to our contact as this.

“Our people come and tell you”

Love to you all

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