A short recording session tonight as I’m afraid I rather lost my cool following an EVP I received. Using both freestyle prayer to God and St Michael’s prayer, I started the session. Some acknowledgement seems to have been made about warding off the genuinely nasty spirits.

EVP “They’re disconcerted”
EVP “You’re free from us”
EVP “It’s sinister here”
EVP “Learning to halt my demon”
EVP “You don’t smoke in the room please”

Now above is the EVP I received that caused me to shut down. I have no vices, but I do like to vape and do this throughout our sessions just as I have for the last five years. The EVP seemed official and polite enough for me to take it seriously and become really quite vexed. I asked why, on the file below and received what I suppose was a sarcastic remark as I most certainly didn’t look happy.

EVP “You seem so happy”

I decided to abort the session as I was confused about the EVP about smoking (vaping), not understanding why it would be an issue now. All seems to be revealed on the last recording of the day.

EVP “It’s nice of you to give speech to them”
EVP “You don’t smoke in the room please”
“Stop it!”
EVP “Make those spirits behave”

Now either the same spirit repeated the same remark on this file, or it was embedded. Either way, this time I heard the immediate rebuke “Stop it” followed on by “Make those spirits behave”. By this time though I had decided I’d had enough and finished the session.

Back soon with more paranormal voices


Nicola (Seeker)

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