I had a couple of days with personal and conflicting EVP so I am a little behind publishing EVP for week ending 31st July 2020. There has been hints that my team were going to give up. This didn’t come from them as witnessed by file 4201.

EVP:”Be gentle”
EVP:”Nicki suspicion(r…)”
EVP:”We would not give up”
EVP:”Maybe Christmas”
EVP:”Please Nicki”

I took a break to make a new sound file, though as soon as I did it I knew I’d probably picked the ‘wrong chapter’ to read from ‘Listen’ as it was all about spiritual imposters and attacks. I only used it twice. 😁

First EVP on file 4202 was an interactive EVP which I heard quite clearly when I was listening back at full speed however slowing it down and amplifying it may lose some of the quality for some people. Same with the last. In between we have the observation that I was wearing black which indeed I was and Tish was mentioned again. There are comments about the quality of the file, and a mischief maker saying that he will think of some names to give me.

Me:”Do you want me to use the microphone, the microphone that I
EVP:”I see you’re wearing black”
EVP:”We’ll make good sentence with this”
EVP:”You should think up some names”
EVP:”Here for you Nic”
EVP:”That’s fine”
Me:”Thank you everybody, I will listen back to that”
EVP:”Ask for Paul”
EVP:”Give in to death – it’s simple”
EVP:”They love me”
EVP:”Don’t you see us?”

The last file, using the gibberish that had immediately fallen out of my favour, was mixed messages. Hope you hear clearly!


Nicola (Seeker)

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