As promised here’s a round up of my favourite EVP from 2021, received with a computer. Despite the last few months being difficult to hear, we’ve had some excellent communication – not only paranormal voices, but paranormal pictures and video too.


EVP “I was hoping to see you!”
EVP “We miss Daniel”

Below is probably my favourite EVP, demonstrating that not only do we survive bodily death – our sense of humour remains in tact!

Me “Can you tell me whether there are any non-human entities working at Central for this communication? This is Nicola talking to Central, I’m listening”
EVP “Don’t be cheeky”


EVP “Thank you”
EVP “It’s complicated”

At the end of 2020 I was instructed to call for Central. Central is one of the afterlife ‘stations’ manned by kind spirits who try to communicate with us here on earth. Another station is Timestream.

It was about this time that I experimented with receiving EVP on a tablet rather than my laptop. I had mixed results, with some being very loud and clear, and others featuring a lot of distortion. I switched back to my laptop after a while.

Me “Hello there this is Nicola talking to Central. Central can you hear me please, I’m listening?”
EVP “Yes Nicki”
Me “Hello there Central its Nicola speaking, I’ve got a question for you. First question is do you think that I laugh too much when we’re doing ITC please, I’m listening?”
EVP “Its good and nice to hear”
Me: “Central I can’t hear you! I’m listening”
EVP “Turn it up a bit”
Me “Can you hear me please? I’m listening”
EVP “Yes, certainly”

Below is a paranormal image received using the vape method – vapour exhaled in a dark room, with the flash on the camera. What you’re looking for is the large male face to the right of the picture half way down. Eyes, nose with nostrils, parted lips.


EVP “Turn it up”
EVP “The cat”
The cat
EVP “They are listening”


I set up a motion activated night video camera and caught the lights on the videos below during April and May 2021. I thought I might see more, but these are the only two I received all year despite having the camera running most of the time. Had these been due to dust I would have expected to see more – but given the brightness and seemingly intelligent direction of the lights I am firmly convinced these are spirit lights.

I was struggling to decide how to present my first youtube video, when I received the EVP below. He was right – my cat, Ozzy, is mentioned numerous times by the spirits – either by name or cat/kitten/pussy.

EVP “Make cat films”



EVP “We know you have missed us”
EVP “Welcome”


Me “Thank you very much, I’ll listen back to that”
EVP “You’re welcome”
EVP “Bless you sister”
EVP “They’re so unusual”


EVP “Can you help me?”
EVP “Monty” (the name of a communicator)

I was filming my cat playing but when I looked back this video was on my phone with a voice saying ‘Nicki’. The EVP below is about the pride someone had at leaving the video on my phone for me to find.

EVP “Nicki”
EVP “Proud of video”
Me “Please tell me whether you are getting interruptions.. whether you are being interrupted when you are trying to send me a message, by our rivals please, or just other people? I’m listening”
“There’s other people”

I’d had a couple of months off, and when I returned it seemed the format has returned to that of the first five years, with a team working more closely with me and allowing curious spirits to leave messages. Not all of them wanted to comply, as the second EVP demostrates!


EVP “We like this”
EVP “Talk”
“We don’t WANT to!

Hope you enjoyed our round up of 2021. There’s a lot more coming in 2022!


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. Some of those EVP are so clear!

  2. best wishes for the new year

  3. wow! just came across your site searching for EVP info on the net. It’s absolutely FANTASTIC! I love it! Those are some super clear messages you’ve managed to get. AWESOME!!!!

    1. Hi Beverley

      Thank you for your kind words. Please subscribe and come back. We will be recording again soon 🙂


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