After a short break, recording recommenced this morning and we were names focused. On the first recording of the day I heard “Ask your last name”. Though I didn’t know what it meant I thought it would be a good topic for recording 4253.

EVP:”Ask your last name”
EVP:”You can call Tony”

Before recording started for 4253 I’d said off-mic I was going to ask for names. So on the recording, before I’d said anything, I heard “Nicki wants names”. And I got them till the end of the ITC session. 🙂

EVP:”Nicki wants names”
EVP:”Jim Dyson”
EVP:”Nice to meet you”
EVP:”It’s Stephenson”
“The cat (distorted) kitten”
EVP:”Wish to speak”
EVP:”This is Archie”
EVP:”How nice to speak”
EVP:”First and last name”
EVP:”This can’t harm them – you connect”
EVP:”It’s Neville”



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