New Home. New Sound File. EVP.

I have recently moved from my home – and to compound matters I have also changed our sound file due to embedded EVP becoming a nuisance. It will take some time to ‘bed in’ the new sound file, so the EVP will be of inferior quality to normal. If you are new to this blog, please check the archives for older, but clearer EVP. Hopefully the EVP will become clearer over a relatively short time period. These are EVP from a mammoth seven hour recording session, during which time we had a technical team trying to work as fast as they could to get the signal set up between us again. Unfortunately after seven hours I gave up – my body was demanding food and rest.

“I love you – think positive”

“Now people know”

“She’s learned to get up solidly – she does this your way”

I think this is referring to how I connect to the team.

“Don’t just stop”

This is referring to that session (seven hours in total) while they worked on the file, I think.

“It’s a wondrous thing”

“Do your best to get on”

“Hello there, can you tell me please – what isn’t ready?” (I had heard ‘it isn’t ready’ on an EVP, too difficult to hear for most)
“….. the signal”

“We love you” x 2

“Try balancing the signal”

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