New look is possibly a slight exaggeration! I thought after six years of more or less the same colours on the site we were due a change. I’ve pretty much just reversed the colours. White on black instead of black on white. I’ve also replaced the garish pinks and greens of the hyperlinks with a silver colour. Who knows, I may change it back after a little while. Though black is my favourite background colour for websites, I had avoided it for Calling Home to avoid the idea that our work comes from anything less than the light. But I’ve had a change of heart.. Black is easier on the eye, I think. If you find any problems on the site (like disappearing words because they are black on black), please let me know.

Our Sunday recording session was a bit of a damp squib as my mind kept wandering off. But we will be back some time this month with more voices :).


Nicola (Seeker)

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