Spurred on by some fellow researchers who have had some success creating their own gibberish file, I created my own this evening. I had tried before, but hadn’t managed it successfully – with tips from a fellow researcher, I managed to create my own.

I droned into a microphone for what turned out to be 13 minutes – it needn’t have been that long, and in fact when I created the gibberish from my speech it only let me do three minutes for some reason. Anyway.. running my speech through EVP Maker, and cutting it into pieces created a new sound file.

So that you can hear the raw material, this is the sound file the spirit team use to create their ‘voices’.

This is a ten second excerpt of a 3 minute file, which I play on loop.

As you can hear – this is a female voice. Therefore anything but a female voice created from this sound file would be anomalous, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact anything created out of this sound file, at all, would be anomalous.

I play sound files after either asking a question, or just saying I would give them some time to talk.

This evening I was pleased at creating my own file, so tested the file out two days before my next official ‘interview’.

“I think she’ll hear me”

“Three messages”

“They’ve helped you”

“We like it”

“It’s working!”


“Should make them proud of it”


(Familiar name)

“She won’t hear you”

Had visions of someone shouting in my ear at this point.

Love to all xx


  1. Very clear messages Nicola.

    1. Author

      Thanks. Amazing. So, so clever that they can take my voice and produce male ‘voices’ that I recognise. And theres a much clearer delineation between team, non-team and angelic or guardian using this file. In awe. O.O

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