New Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube Accounts for the Team – Afterlife EVP

After receiving mentions of ‘tweeting’ from the team, I opened a twitter account.. and thought while I was at it I should open a YouTube account and a Vimeo account too. Please visit and re-tweet, like, share .. anything you can to get the team ‘out there’!!

Here’s a few EVP from today..

“Were you aware also that I have opened a YouTube account for us?”
“I sort of knew”

“.. and tweet ‘we love you'”


“Thank you”

“Both of you working in spirit”

“There’s light”

“We need photos again”

Last Recording of the Afternoon

I’m visiting family and will not be able to speak to the team till later in the week. So we said our goodbyes..

“I love you”

“Love you, bye-bye”
“I love you”

“I will miss you”

I’ve compiled a few EVP from August 2017 into a video and published it on YouTube. Please visit our channel and like, comment and share – this blog is not here for me, but for our brothers and sisters in spirit that need to be heard here. Please let other people know about them!

Love to you all xx

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