News and Technical Talk from Beyond – Afterlife EVP

A shorter recording session today as we had ‘interested others’ chiming in and I wasn’t interested in giving them a platform. Here are a few EVP from today – more mention of news coming, and some technical talk between themselves.


Said to the communicators by an overseer.

“Nicki, help me”

Not said by a team member. This is quite common. This could be one of the meddlers trying to confuse me with piteous requests or trying to inflate my sense of importance, or it could be someone who is confused. Either way, I cannot help.

More Mentions of News Coming

The second time in the last week that mention is made of news coming that is important to this type of work. I had a look at the news headlines on the day it was first mentioned, and found an article about Stephen Hawking’s ‘Breakthrough Listen’ project in a tabloid. This article said that high frequency signals had been received by people looking for signs of intelligent life in space. It’s possible the listeners are mistaking the source. Here’s the article.

For the original mention of news, please also see the post made on the 3rd September of news coming our way.

“The news […] that rustled a few papers here”

“We’ll get the news pronto”

“Watch the news at ten”

Now that’s specific! Mind you, it may not be tonight’s news. I listened to last night’s news – the usual death, destruction and disaster.

Technical Talk

Occasionally I can hear them talking amongst themselves, usually trying to repair something.

“See, that could be broken”

“That is sloppy”
“No, it’s not”

Finishing Up

“We have to go”

Said during playback of the recording where I had decided the next one would be the last of the day.

“So I’ll speak to you on Friday it’s now…..”


Love to you all xx

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