“Nic, be our truth, We are Him (Angels of Light)” – EVP From Beyond

We spent two hours together chatting today. Well I was with them two hours – they didn’t get much of a chance to say anything so it’s amazing we have as many EVP as we’ve got. Really nice, mostly positive session. I’ll explain what was happening with each file (click download for the whole file) and what I had said off mic during the intervals when I was listening back to the recording. It also looks like we may have respite from the other guys’ interruptions.

This first file, 4173, seems straight forward – some excitement at communicating – “She’s testing” was said before I’d opened my mouth and is right at the beginning of the unedited file. Near the bottom,”Tell us a topic” caused me to tell the team that I would do that, though I wasn’t sure who had said it. So I thought I would ask something only the team would know – who their members are. The replies could be heard on file 4174 had there been any. Not put off, I tried again. This time I asked who I was talking to – the answers are on 4175 and broken down for you here.

All EVP are in chronologial order.

“She’s testing”
“It’s exciting this!”
“What do they think?”
“We must consult”
“Tell us a topic!”
“That’s for the kitchen”
“It’s tough”
“Oh yeh”
“You’re talking nonsense”
“So much crap”
“I was dear”
“Our prayer, Sister Ni(c)”

I’d decided in the interval to press on with ‘topics’, so I decided to ask who I was talking to.

“I’m going to say retard(ed)!”
“Be honest(!)”
“Fuck off”

Ahhh caught them out! At the end of 4175 I ran out of sound by accident. In the ensuing silence I caught the EVP above when they were not using my sound file. LOL

The next file was nice. I’d said I would ask about my statement on the ‘contact’ page that being on the autistic spectrum helped with capturing EVP. The second was a reference to this I think, but I don’t understand it if it’s an answer. I was sat on the bed throughout.

“Nic, be our truth”
“The set gift – mental”
“On the bed”
“Be pleasant”

There’s a great mixture of validation and spiritual messages during the next file, 4177. A beautiful message “We are him” prompted me to do a google search in case it was something nasty.. it was in fact the opposite. Top result was this (bold is mine)…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Are_Him “.. is the fifth and final studio album by American experimental rock band Angels of Light.

Before starting, I suddenly thought to ask about my dad as a silly episode of Fawlty Towers popped into my head, I asked dad if he could remember what it was called. The response wasn’t quite as I expected as he sent me the message ‘Perkins, to buy papers’. It was his habit to cross the road to our local newsagent, Perkins, to get the papers on a Sunday morning.

The very first message was again received before I had said a word. The ‘trait’ comment may have been another answer to the question I raised earlier about how people hear EVP.

“In her team..”
“It’s a trait”
“We are Him”
“You’re about to ken”
“Be quiet”
“Perkins to get papers”

Tony has popped up twice on this post, and I think is always with me. I received a message of reassurance about my safety, presumably with the people that were communicating. Tish, big boss is mentioned again.

“Go for Nicki”
“Nic, you’re safe with them”
“You’ll want Tish”
“You OK?”


Nicola (Seeker)

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