Pardon the long pause between updates! We’ve all been working hard behind the scenes. I’m juggling many different aspects of ITC – I don’t just do this blog, I’ve been busy trying to create a vision for my YouTube channel, which I’m told is very important for this work. The YouTube ‘creation’ is still in the mind of its ‘creator’ at the moment – now I have the vision I need to learn how to create it successfully in an app I’ve barely used!

Getting onto the EVP, this is a collection of EVP received since my last post – at various times. I will guide you through them. The two EVP from file 4800 were received in January. My question asking for comments refers to using my tablet instead of my laptop for EVP collection.. as you can see, they have ‘no comments’ 😀

Use headphones to better hear paranormal EVP

Me “… do you have any comments on that please, I’m listening?
EVP “No comments”
EVP “Thank you”

On this day I switched back to daytime recording and I ventured back into the front room, which is a change because I normally record in my bedroom, in the evening. I had turfed Ozzy, my cat, out of the room in case he went berserk and ruined the proceedings – the cat was missed.

EVP “We’re missing the cat”

The following EVP was received yesterday. Following the attacks on me (see a description of this on my post ITC trans images and EVP) there had been some talk of the attackers being imprisoned. This led me to ask about the judicial system in the afterlife – you can hear the question posed on the full recording 4848. In essence, I asked whether there are specific laws (like here) or whether there is just one law of a ‘do no harm’ nature. The answer is below.

EVP “It’s complicated”

I very often have trouble sleeping and find myself awake and wasting my time watching television until, sometimes, 6am. I’d had enough of this time wasting and decided that I would call in using a different device – the tablet mentioned above. The files starting with a T indicate this is a tablet recording.

Me “Hello there this is Nicola talking to Central. Central can you hear me please, I’m listening?” EVP “Yes Nicki”
EVP “Michael”

The above EVP are self explanatory. At the end of file t011 I heard something like ‘have to giggle less’ by one of Central’s communicators (not isolated as it’s not clear, but it’s on t011 if you care to listen). So, slightly worried I asked the following question and received reassurance immediately.

Me “Hello there Central its Nicola speaking, I’ve got a question for you. First question is do you think that I laugh too much when we’re doing ITC please, I’m listening?”
EVP “Its good and nice to hear”
EVP “I’m here for business” 😮

The EVP above is the last one isolated from the recording in the early hours of this morning – strange I thought! The EVP below were received today. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but I received some rather vulgar remarks about “tits” and “nipples” and an expletive. They weren’t very clear so I wondered whether I was imagining it till I got these two EVP.

EVP “Who is that?!!”

The EVP above and below were received within a couple of seconds of each other (and can be heard in situ on 4855)

EVP “Her name’s Nicki”

So what I think happened is something like a ‘crossed line’. I somehow managed to access another dimension as well as Central Control. They were as surprised as I would have been had I not known this sort of thing can happen. This is usually caused by a lack of focus or a poor state of mind. I guess I can hold my hand up to both of those things today!

EVP “It’s cos of stormy weather”

The EVP above isn’t very clear but it’s included to demonstrate the variables that affect clear communication. That’s it for now – back soon with more paranormal voices.



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