The 1000th EVP Recording Session

I’ll get to the stunning 1000th entry in a moment. Here are some EVP from the past few days.

We’ve missed him here“. This was said out of context. So on the next recording I asked this…

“I’d love to know who that is you’re talking about, please?”
Monty” In the same ten second pause, he then says

You’ve asked me back.

I love you

And now. For posterity. On my 1000th Recording.


Well that was a bit of a letdown, and not even from the team. In fact it wasn’t followed up by anything else so I couldn’t tell you who it was from. Oh well! This is from Saturday night, and there was no trace of the team. I stopped after an hour.


  1. Congrats!! Nicola, keep up the good work, it’s really amazing. What is the ‘north American station’?

  2. Author

    Hi Jenn,

    The spirt communicators use what they term a ‘station’ to be able to communicate with us here. I suppose our equivalent would be a television or radio broadcasting station. You may be wondering why they would need such a thing when we know very well that EVP has been picked up by ITC researchers and paranormal investigators since the time of the first communication gadgets here.
    My guess is because the communication is coming from a different dimension. The communication we have collected historically was most probably from spirits roaming our own dimension, and though our spirit friends could communicate without the use of a station by coming into our dimension, it isn’t practical. For two reasons. First, I understand being in this dimension for them is emotionally and spiritually painful. I expect they feel things we don’t, not having dense meat and bone to interfere with their senses. The second reason would be down to the purpose, which is to allow reunions. They wouldnt want to expose ‘civilians’ of the afterlife to the pain that resides in our dimension, by forcing them to enter our world when the technology exists so they can stay their side.

    Ahhh but this is all guesswork and assumptions.
    And to come back to the original question, the North American station is only a few years old and was set up for English speakers. The oldest one that I’m aware of is called Timestream and that’s for European languages such as German, another is the Brazilian station, and as
    you may have guessed, that’s portugese. The Russians are big into ITC so they probably have their own station too.

    What I’m connecting to I’m not sure. I think I go between a station and this dimension. It’s frustrating, and something I have to figure out alone, as others haven’t experienced anything like the problems I’ve had, so aren’t any help. I’ve just spent two nightmare months talking to an imposter who sounded just like Monty. This thing is a real jerk, cruel, wicked, you name it. I’m peeved that he caught me out like that. It won’t happen again. I had to take down two months of high quality, clear EVP because I had wandered into the realms of the paranormal with him, rather than ITC. And to me there’s a big difference.


    Ps. Can you hear these recordings? I don’t really get much feedback about them. They’re as clear as a bell to me, but my ear is well practiced.

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