It’s odd – I don’t seem to be able to find articles to refer you to, but this post is about cross-validation. That is, messages for or about one ITC researcher, appearing on another ITC researcher’s recordings. I call this cross-validation. I’m not sure if this is the right term!

Back in June a long-time American researcher and user of the ‘transform’ method (silent, using ambient sounds) of EVP collection, received a couple of messages referring to me. We had not long started an email exchange, and before you know if, this researcher had received the following messages.

“… and I’m in love with Nicki”

Note the English accent – probably one of my team.

“Nic.. Nico-as – Nico – ..yo”

Note the American accent. My name isn’t at all common in the USA – Nicole, yes – Nicola, no. It sounds as if they were trying it out!

Just last night I was helping a new UK researcher with her recordings. As listening for EVP is new to her, and we are using the gibberish method, I sometimes listen to her recordings for her if she cannot hear anything. Here are a couple of EVP received by her.

“Nic – I love you”

“Nic – tell – her”

I have also received EVP about and for these two researchers, but for their privacy am not reproducing them here.

I find this heart-warming and wondrous. It’s wonderful to me how our communicators are aware that connections have been made between us and can then refer to the other researchers on our recordings.

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