We’ve been focusing on visual ITC these past few weeks, which has been a slow process so far yielding one image which I think is far too difficult to see for most. I’ve had a week away from ITC, planning to do ITC some time today but always finding a distraction. What got me moving was a video saved on my phone which I am sure I didn’t shoot! But first a few EVP..

EVP “Can you help me?”
EVP “Monty” (the name of a communicator)

This afternoon I was being distracted by various things, including playing with the cat On checking back my videos of this, I found the one below, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t shoot – even by accident. After finding it I got on with our ITC session for today, sure this was a polite reminder they were waiting..

EVP “Nicki”

I concentrated once again on receiving paranormal pictures today, but thought to ask who was talking on the video above. I wasn’t told who but got this..

EVP “Nicki”
EVP “Proud of video”

That’s all for now, first post of August, hopefully not the last. Back soon with more paranormal voices!


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. Wow great… N so clearly audible

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