We are back after a much needed break! Below are a few voices captured today on my computer, but first a teaser video from our last YouTube video! Be sure to visit the full length video on YouTube and subscribe, like and comment!

Paranormal Video

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Back to today.. it’s been a month or two since we last spoke due to personal circumstances.

Paranormal Voices

File #5190

EVP “Nicki’s dutiful”

Probably referring to my return to ITC, though it is also a pleasure.

EVP “Are you listening??”

File #5191

EVP “You weren’t expecting” (“Lesley”) London!”
“It’s very nice!”

This is a combination of 2 or 3 spirit voices, with Lesley interjecting his name and the “Its very nice!” referring to my contact (I am sometimes referred to as “London” as it’s near, geographically).

EVP “Michael”

Ahh Michael is also around! I asked for names and got this

File #5192

EVP “The three of us”

File #5193

EVP “We like this”
EVP “We missed a friend.. been so quiet”

File #5195

EVP “Thank you”

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Nicola (Seeker)

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