My team were present for the first two recording files today. I was advised immediately that it was a ‘race’ to leave EVP. This isn’t a race between themselves, but a race to leave messages before people ruined the session. The first two files were inundated with EVP, the files after that… well scroll down and you can see! I had stations on my mind today as the subject’s come up recently, but something I was pleasantly suprised to hear was an answer to my question during prayers last night… “Do you see the people that are disturbing sessions?”. Going back a few years I was talking to my lead communicator who seemed puzzled by my EVP, thinking I was mis-hearing. It was over time my team realised I wasn’t just hearing them, I was hearing EVP from all over the place. The answer is on file 4363. šŸ™‚

EVP “Race to give message”
EVP “Miss, d’you mind if I leave?”
EVP “Sharon”
EVP “Who needs her charity!”
EVP “Oh wait, they’re starting to do things”

At this point my team is still with me, though I think they realise they don’t have much time – “they’re starting to do things”. The first question I had was partially answered by the first EVP. I think the team are based at a station, but I don’t know which one. I think both Timestream and Centrale use European researchers, Scroll down a bit further and my question from last night is answered “well, they’re not always visible”. It makes perfect sense because sometimes my team seem to be aware of trouble makers (and you can hear them telling the trouble makers to stop, get off etc). Sometimes they are blissfully unaware, until I start playback. Perhaps unfortunately for them, I give them a running commentary on exactly what I’m hearing.

EVP “They’re all based on the station”
EVP “Oh I need to go”
EVP “Well, they’re not always visible”
EVP “It’s Tessa”

At this point my team has gone, and the communication goes.. errr.. a bit downhill as you can see. “found you” is something I hear quite a lot from organised trouble makers. I’m not sure why because I am always physically in the same place!

EVP “Bitch”
Me: “Hello there everybody”
EVP “Found you!”


Nicola (Seeker)

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