The Calling Home team love getting questions from readers. I (Nicola) answer as best as I can. I will be corrected if I’m too far off base. Here I will post the answers as I sent them (omitting personal information), to questions received – and a further explanation if needed.

Is God mad at us for recording evp?

This is a really good question. This is the answer I sent.


The evp are for the benefit of mankind not to our detriment. We are getting warnings, have you heard them?

“We are all connected”
“Be one”
“We are waiting in heaven”

All captured in the last few weeks. These are not old warnings and they are referring to the way that mankind is tearing itself apart with wars and hatred. They are saying “stop!!! listen look love we are all one.”

These are messages of warning, kindness and love.”

Why do I ask if this is God-compatible? those who impersonate my loved ones often say: “Finish” they have a voice louder than my loved ones (such a throaty sound) strong!

Also another really good question. The questioner has attracted attention. Although this sounds bad it isn’t always, as I explain in my answer here..

“I am happy to try to explain what is happening when you hear those impersonators with louder and throatier voices if that is ok? And this is with my spirit team’s advice along with experience…

When we record EVP we are literally opening up a window into further dimensions. Sooner or later some serious individuals will notice us.. These individuals are against communication, and they have become quite powerful. When I say powerful I mean experienced at lying and manipulation. I could tell you all about mine, but it’s a long story and not the point I’m trying to make. Their reason behind impersonating loved ones or celebrities et cetera is to deceive and keep ITC researchers away from truth. Any advice they give will be bad. Truths will be mixed in with lies. It hinders and damages the progress mankind has made about his knowledge of the spirit world and other dimensions. This is their goal. Reference Hans Otto Koenig’s book “Listen” page 37 where he also says he has had impersonators. If these people have noticed you you are doing something right. 🙂

The point I’m trying to make is remember they are just people. Just people. (Early on in my ITC research my lead communicator said this on an EVP.) I say this in case they worry you. Think of them as brawling youths, hooligans because that’s all they are. They are not demons. God is not mad. This is not why you get those mad, loud or angry voices. Just stop recording if they are going to be rude. It was quite common when I had intruders to hear a “Fuck you” shouted in rage when I goaded them, telling them I wasn’t going to put up with their nonsense and would stop recording. I could be quite naughty like that sometimes. :)”

How many years after death can you hear the dead?

To this I answered “immediately given the right circumstances.”

However this is answering literally – I believe we can communicate immediately upon leaving the body. But the circumstances would have to be absolute. I suspect most people, upon dying, are not thinking about communicating back home – I suppose there must be a state of shock or amazement. An interesting docu-drama, though not directy related to this question is “The Life After Death Project”. This is the story of Forrest J Ackerman who was a Hollywood science fiction ‘founding father’. He was a sceptic about life after death…. until he died. He promised to send signs if there was such a thing as ‘life after death’ – and he did!

In 1987 there were also reports of Friedrich Jürgenson appearing on the television set of ITC researchers as his funeral was underway.

Sometimes the deceased asks for help, but when I ask if it is a question of helping me with prayer, there is no answer, how can I help?

“It is fairly common to hear “help me” or “please help” and for you, the listener, to be worried and wondering what you can do to help. By the time you go back to record again these people would have moved on. I think the best you can do is give blessings into the light that these people find the help that they need. I have been told unequivocably that I cannot help these people that are asking for help. I don’t know whether these people just cannot be helped or whether these people are not supposed to be helped by people like us. Or it could just be that I do not have the mediumship powers that I need because I have heard that there is such a thing as rescue mediums. (Although I have only heard that from our side not the other side). So the very short answer to you is try not to worry about the people that are asking for help. They will get it from the right source when they need it.”

Do we hurt loved ones, calling them immediately after the death of the physical body? , I ask because my late mother (2 months ago) told me to leave her alone, her words were: “let me rest”. At the beginning, when she died, she was happy that I was talking to her, but after a month she was tired of calling her twice a week. So the question is, can we tire the dead with frequent evp summons?

I believe that when we die we feel the grief of our loved ones. I think sometimes the grief can be overwhelming and extremely painful for them. I have attached an EVP from the 14th of June 2017. It says “let your dad go.”. 

EVP:”Let your dad go”

Somewhere I have also got an EVP that says something like “you have stopped bringing your dad along” (to itc sessions). My poor dad died in 2015 and my grief was so severe he was still being pulled towards me well over 18 months later. 

Extreme emotions like grief call out loudly to them, I think, because they are so strong in their vibrations. Those on the other side will have a completely different attitude to death of the physical body. An ITC colleague had a message from her son which stated that although she had lost her son, he had lost everybody. He was 21 and all of the family that he had ever known were still living. And if you look at it that way, you have to feel deep compassion for those in spirit too. They can see you, they can hear you, but they can’t talk with you. The pining will go both ways. And it must be incredibly frustrating for those in spirit because most of us are blind deaf and dumb to the spirit world. We cry, and they must be saying “we are right here!”. But we are unaware. And even those of us that are aware miss the physical presence of our loved ones. Grief cuts deep.

do they see the physical world? , when I ask about it they don’t always confirm it (they always hear it), I mean, if I die will I be able to stay in my beloved table mountains?

I believe so yes. I think they can see into any dimension that they please if they put their mind to it. On my blog you will see a few observational EVP. Here are two posts from June.. Where somebody comments about my teddy.. and … Where my cat is distracting communicators with his mewing.

And just this week I posted about my cat chewing up my pen which I was told about before I had left the room. Here it is
I have many instances like this. 
As for not receiving any replies. The communicators on the other side do not always answer questions directly. The reasoning behind this for me anyway is that they want to get messages across and they do not want me to interrupt. This is why they keep saying “just listen”. I tend to talk too much.

And your mountains… You can stay anywhere you wish but I expect on the other side there will be something even more glorious waiting for you than your mountains. 😀

Why do these EVP sound electronic.. like Siri?

A short but cheeky answer is, the communicators have no voice box, and these voices are captured by electronic equipment.

A more detailed answer is, not all communicators sound electronic. This depends on the experience of the individual communicator, and other factors such as the method of collection. If software is over-used this affects the sound, particularly using noise reduction with ambient EVP sometimes rendering the original voice into a painful robotic squeal. 😏