We are still struggling with unwanted interruptions, so I spent most of the time recording using ambient sounds today, rescuing just one created using a sound file – Neville, one of my regular communicators….

EVP “It’s Neville”

Next we move onto me experimenting with different sounds. I’ve made some very interesting observations. First with white noise on very low and me plucking guitar strings… You will be happy to know I do not try to play anything. I’ve found a noise that harsh doesn’t help at all – they cannot piggy back off it, unlike other sounds.

The jaunty “hello” is one I receive regularly, but usually using a sound file. Oggy is a blast from the past – I think he’s a technical guy. You can hear more from Oggy in these March and April 2017 posts – Interruptions on Sunday’s EVP and Communication from the Afterlife EVP from first quarter 2017 . Oggy tends to show up when we are being seriously disturbed by opponents. It could be argued he’s one of them but I think of him more as a technical firefighter.

EVP “Hello”
EVP “Oggy”
EVP “We’ve really gotta go”

I had asked my team off mic about the rapping I received on 31st October prior to recording this file and received ‘leave the bedroom’. I have no idea why I cannot be present for this phenomenon, but it’s happened two days in succession – only when I am not present. The results are on file 042.

EVP “Nicki”
EVP “Watch your back”
EVP “Ghosts surround you”
EVP “Leave the bedroom”
EVP “Where’s Tony?”
EVP “Has Tony been?”

This is the file with the rapping and thumping sounds. All snippets with no caption are bangs or thumps with someone saying ‘stop it’ before another two snippets with thumps. These noises are probably made by non-team members judging by the ‘stop it’.

EVP “Stop it!”
EVP “God bless you”
“God be with you”


Nicola (Seeker)

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