I realised this morning I hadn’t altered the recording settings between ambient and gibberish so some of the EVP are not as clear as usual. In the continued spirit of experimentation I recorded yesterday evening rather than during the day. I got fewer EVP and they sounded different – it didn’t help that my recording volumes were up too high. I switched halfway through to white noise generated by my Alexa device. Here are some EVP from yesterday evening (at the wrong recording volume using gibberish).

EVP “Dyson”
EVP “Dyson”
EVP “Tony”
EVP “Is that her bed?”
EVP “I’ll sit with you”
EVP “Nine sisters”
EVP “Didn’t talk to us long”
EVP “You’re able to listen”

I liked the remark about not talking to them long – actually I switched over to white noise at this point.. I got a handful of EVP – here’s one (you’ll need headphones)

EVP “It’s Peter”

Back to today, and I’m using gibberish for EVP capture.

EVP “We’re not going to cause you poison”
EVP “We are dead”
EVP “Hark – Listen”
EVP “How’s your vape?”

I’ve stopped smoking and switched back to my electronic cigarette – or vape, which explains the last EVP I posted for that file. On the next file I ask about the difference between night and day time for recording for EVP. An answer received is ‘production’s slow’. Interesting turn of phrase. You’ll need headphones for that one – said in between my chattering.

EVP “Production’s slow”
EVP “We’ll get in contact”

That’s it for now. Be back soon.

Nicola (Seeker)

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