Afterlife Sites and ITC Research Equipment

ITC Websites

The following are links to websites that are relevant to ITC.

FGT – Hans Otto König A German ITC researcher working with both audio and visual equipment with fantastic results.

Lance ITC Lance is a colleague in Wales. He gathers both audio and visual evidence of the afterlife. Portugese language website of Sonia Rinaldi, audio ITC researcher and pioneer of the sound file method.

World ITC Visual and audio ITC from the 1990s along with a wealth of information about ITC pioneers.

ITC Books, DVDs and CDs

Astral City DVD This is a wonderful film about one man’s early experiences in the afterlife. It is said to be  a true story of a doctor, channeled through the medium Chico Xavier. I highly recommend it. Bear in mind it’s a region 1, US DVD.

Free Software for ITC Research

Audacity Audio Software Free software. I use this to record and listen back to the recordings.

Videopad Video Software. This is free software.

Hardware for ITC Research

Digital Voice Recorder This is always useful to have. I mainly use my laptop and the Audacity software but this is so small it would seem silly not to have it for impromptu EVP recording attempts. I use it occasionally when I am experimenting with radio and will probably be using it while experimenting with video.

HP Pavilion Beats Audio 15.6-Inch Laptop This is a later version of my trusty lightweight laptop which I use to talk to Monty and team.

Fanny Wang On-Ear Music Headphones My comfortable headphones – they have to be for the time I use them.