I’m posting things backwards at the moment! We had some off-days in the week and I’m still writing a post for that! But on to today. It was down to pleasurable business as we discussed teams and visual ITC. Brand new sound file created with my scrambled voice reading a chapter from ‘Listen’.

So for the first recording the team are establishing their presence and there’s in context EVP relating to the team. Apart, that is, from the strange EVP about my toes. I hope I misheard it.

EVP:”Listen to Tony”
EVP:”I like to step on her big toes”
EVP:”The gate”
EVP:”We are team leaders”
EVP:”For dialogue” (American accent)
EVP:”(distorted – we?) will provide a source”
Me:”Thank you everybody, I’ll listen back to that”
EVP:”Thank him”
EVP:”The same … d’you know Vernon?”
EVP:”Listening in at(?) your guide”

I’d been in touch with a reader recently who had asked about video ITC which reminded me of my own miserable failures in the past. I asked the team whether there was any point me trying visual ITC again. I was pleased with the answer which seems to be that although I can’t do visual ITC with this team as they are trained and specialized in audio, I can consult with another team. The teletubbie mission EVP is from a team member who likes to be silly. 😀

EVP:”We are specialized”
EVP:”Consult them”
EVP:”The gate … Mustn’t forget, cos Peter’s not here – that’s why it’s important”
EVP:”Nic! Your teletubbie mission!!”

The first EVP from 4208 sounds familial. My grandmother, granddaughter or both. The second one is another silly one. I’m planning to have fish and chips at the beach tonight. But definitely not extra fish!

EVP:”It’s your gran – don’t think you know baby”
EVP:”Extra fish”
Me:”Hello there everybody”

I hear that ‘Hellooooo!!!” said at the beginning of recordings regularly. I think it may be a team member. 🙂


Nicola (Seeker)

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